Deluxe Porti-Toilet

 Handicap Porti-Toilet

Our Standard Porti-Toilet is the most commonly requested of our fleet. Its durability and capacity assures customers a longer lasting sanitary environment. 

Practical uses include camping, plumbing-emergencies, day-events, residential/commercial construction, large or small functions and anything in-between.

Call for pricing. Short or long term rentals available.

 Handwash Station

​     Outside Height: 7' 6"

     Outside Width (Across Door): ​3' 6"

     Outside Length (Across Side-Panels): 4'

Outside Height: 7' 6"

Outside Width (Across Door): ​5'

Outside Length (Across Side-Panels): 5'

Ask about Maui's only factory-made portable restroom-trailer!


office phone:

​(808) 873-7419

​Our Deluxe Porti-Toilet is the more luxurious of our fleet. 

Included is a flush-pump pedal and a wash station that comes with paper-napkins and a hand-wash soap dispenser.

Customers will request this unit to have hand-washing capabilities and the convenience of no immediate visual waste.

Practical uses include weddings, small gatherings and fancier functions.

Call for prices and availability.

​Our Handicap unit is the most spacious of our portable toilets. 

Of course it provides handicap accessibility but can also be used as a changing room for functions or sporting events and is great for the convenience of elderly. 

Call for prices and availability. 

Short or long term rentals available.

​Portable-Toilets are the foundation of our company and where we strive to keep our sanitary reputation.

Below are some examples of the units we provide the beautiful island of Maui with daily. Also included are approximate measurements and practical uses.

Call us at (808) 873-7419 or email us at to schedule a service, find pricing or if you have any other questions.  

 Standard Porti-Toilet

Outside Height: 7' 6"

Outside Width (Across Door): ​3' 6"

Outside Length (Across Side-Panels): 4'

Sink Capacity: 20 gals (fresh water)

​​Height: 5'​

Width: 2' 3"

Sink Capacity: 25 gals (fresh water)

​​Our Handwash station provides the capability to sanitize hands virtually anywhere.

Food and restrooms go hand in hand with sanitation. Our sinks provide that to a location near you or your event.

Call for prices and availability.

​Short or long term rentals available.