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Food Trucks:

Food trucks and trailers have grown in popularity in such a short time on Maui. By monitoring your grease-traps usage we can specialize a schedule to suggest what your pump frequency should be.

Being a mobile establishment, food trucks also need something to contain their grey-water usage. Our trucks are on a weekly schedule each week to continuously pump what you need to continue operation at location.

Without completely understanding the process of waste-water and grease disposal, owners could be vulnerable to unnecessary health-code violations and other fees. 

Contact our office to keep your food services on the road! 


Many restaurants open in the morning, leaving it to us to get there before anyone else. We work with our clients individual schedules and monitor their grease-traps usage to either increase or decrease frequency of service. 

By thoroughly cleaning each grease-trap, we can compare our next visit accordingly. Call us today for pricing and to schedule a cleaning appointment!