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As cesspools are beginning to fail in Hawaii, it is important to understand what is happening beneath your feet. Proper maintenance and preventative measures are key to ensuring the longevity of your cesspool. 

As the daily usage of a household occurs, wastewater, grease, food particles and miscellaneous debris are drained into the cesspool. Eventually the waste-water level will rise and drop as the grey-water leeches into the soil and leaves behind whatever did not leech out. 

​As this occurs, the level at which the cesspool percolates will become clogged and the waste-water level rises until it drops less and less. When a cesspool fills completely it usually means that it is at the end or towards the end of its lifespan.


A basic septic system will consist of a tank split in two chambers that leads to either a leech-field or leach-pit to distribute the outflow of grey-water into the soil. It is as much or even more important to maintain your septic as a cesspool. 

The first chamber will catch the excessive solids as the more fine particles will seep into the second chamber, essentially preventing most of what would clog your leech-field from entering  the outlet pipe.

The tank should  always be filled to the top, allowing grey-water to flow through while the solids remain via the sanitary tee (which allows that separation). However; if the septic is not pumped every 3-5 years or so, problems will occur and the leech-field will no longer be efficient enough to disperse grey-water leading to plumbing overflow and back-ups. 


A simple understanding of what happens to your household waste really does go a long way. 

Our company does its best to educate clients and leave them with an understanding of our methods and operation. Call us with any questions or concerns with your system and we'd be more than happy to trouble-shoot problems and help accommodate your situation. 

Below is a breakdown of what both types of systems accomplish at a normal functionality.